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Automatic Task Killer Manager

1.99 usd

This app makes batteries last longer.Ends the task and frees memory.Exclusion list can be set.Kill can be set automatically.You can set up different versions of OS.Auto termination time. It is 10 minutes to 6 hours.
By managing the tasks are intended to be used comfortably.
WidgetsYou can register on the home screen.You can view the free memory, widgets tap to kill the task.
Help is available, You can use intuitively.
[How to use automatic task kill][Menu] button and tap Settings.In the setting of the automatic termination.Select the [Enable OS 1.6 - 2.1] or [Enable OS 2.2 - 4.x Up].Then, set the time.
It is featured to major in Japan.NTT docomo ANDRONAVI
We are looking for someone to help translate.